Person-Centered Well-Being Coach Program

This program has been designed for, among others, personnel within school-, health- and medical care and managers to promote health and well-being.

The person-centered well-being program is offered at Landstinget Blekinge as a collaboration with Anthropedia Foundation. The program has been designed by Anthropedia Foundation together with Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, USA.


New course

 The dates for the new course are the following:

Week 44    30 October - 3 November.

Week 50    11-15 December.

Week 5      29 January - 2 February.

Week 10     5-9 March.

Week 15     9-13 April .

Week 20     14-17 May.

Week 26     25-29 June.

Week 36     3-7 September.

Person-centered well-being coach training

The Well-Being Coach Certification program has been designed to prepare helping professionals for work in the field of preventive health and well-being. The graduates are experts in lifestyle transformation, stress management, and growth in self-awareness. The person-centered well-being coach training addresses calls from world health organizations and governments to change public health promotion strategies to reduce health care costs and to help an aging and longer-living population make informed choices about their own health. People, both sick and healthy, need assistance in changing their lifestyles.  The graduates work in a variety of environments: community centers, clinics, hospitals, the fitness industry, corporations, schools, and other health care venues.


The training consists of 5 days each month for 10 months:

Mondays: 08.30-18.30 (5 modules each lasting 1, 5 hour)

Tuesdays: 08.30-16.30 (4 modules each lasting 1, 5 hour)

Wednesdays: day for additional modules (if needed)  

Thursdays: 08.30-18.30 (5 modules each lasting 1, 5 hour)

Fridays: 08.30-16.30 (4 modules each lasting 1, 5 hour)


The first weeks are mandatory


The 250 hour program takes place in two parts:

  • Part 1 – Coaching Foundation, 136, 5 hours.
  • Part 2 – Advanced Methods and Certification, 123,5 hours


The training is structured like a study circle with reading of modules about psychiatry, medicine, psychology, philosophy, history, culture, pedagogy, coaching, nutrition, economy, etc.  It includes a mixture of teaching methods: didactic learning, experiential learning, personal studies and physical motion.


After the training, a certified well-being coach is expected to be an expert in lifestyle changes, dealing with stress and also an expert in stimulating an increasing self-knowledge. A person-centered well-being coach helps individuals become healthy, positive, inspiring, productive and resilient when they face stress and challenges in their lives.      


Well-being coaching aims for sustainable health and well-being and to reduce the number of lifestyle and stress related deceases. Everything the coach do is focused on the whole person: body, mind and soul.  


The skills of the coach:

A certified well-being coach has been trained in co-active coaching methods, motivating conversation and to respect the International Coach Federation’s (ICF) ethical rules. A coach has during the training learned to use many different tools to stimulate change and increase well-being in their clients.


The content of the coaching:

The coaching method is integrated and has a multidisciplinary content. The method combines theoretical knowledge and physical exercises so that the client will develop both physical, psychological and spiritual health and well-being. An important part is the understanding of how important art and culture are for our well-being.


 In collaboration with choreographers and analysts of movement the Anthropedia Foundation has design a one-of-a-kind Body Awakening program. This allows participants to deepen their understanding of the body through movement, coordination exercises, and contemporary dance techniques.


 Qualifications for the training:

You must meet AT LEAST ONE of the following requirements:
- Graduate degree in any field (M.A., M.S.W., M.Ed., M.D., M.S., PhD, etc.)
- B.A. plus 5 years experience in counseling, nursing, education, or social work
- B.A. plus 5 years of coaching or PCC/MCC credential from the ICF.

If you are interested in applying but do not meet any of the above requirements, please contact us.


Price: The price of the training is 30 000 SEK not including VAT for each part of the course (i.e., 60 000 SEK not including VAT for the whole training).



Your application should include: a résumé, including your diploma and a personal letter about why you are interested in the training, your intentions as a coach and your approach to health and well-being.

During the application process you will be contacted for a brief interview.

Send your application including your résumé, diploma and personal letter to: 


For more information about the training, please contact;

Danilo Garcia;

Director Blekinge kompetenscentrum

Ph.D. and docent in Psychology


For more information about the training, please visit:

Blekinge kompetenscentrum: http://ltblekinge/valbefinnandecoaching

Center for Well-Being:

Anthropedia Foundation:

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