Europeiska Socialfonden - Välbefinnande för nyanlända

1-Year Training to become a well-being coach


Are you registered at Arbetsförmedlingen as "Nyanländ"? Do you have an academic degree (any field)? Is your native language from outside Europe (e.g., Arabic, Persian, etc.)?

If so, now you have the opportunity to take part of a unique coaching training and to be recruited for a six-month job as a coach in a project funded by the European Social Fund.

Landstinget Blekinge, in collaboration with different authorities in Blekinge, has now received a 2-year grant from the European Social Fund to educate, for free, residents of Blekinge who are registered at Arbetsförmedlingens as "Nyanländ" into person-centered well-being coaches. To be eligible to participate in the education[1] you need to:

  1. To be currently registered at Arbetsförmedlingens as "Nyanländ" 
  2. have at least a Bachelor’s degree in any academic field.
  3. The training is held in English, so the participant needs to understand, write, and speak English at the academic level.

After the training the project will recruit about 10 coaches, for six months, out of all the participants that have successfully completed the training and have the proper formal documentation of their academic degree.   

For more information please visit:

Blekinge Centre of Competence:

Anthropedia Foundation:

[1] The training has capacity for about 40 students.

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