Klara Livet

Long periods of sick leave and long-term unemployment lead to negative consequences and social exclusion for the individual, but also to costs for society. The project Klara Livet is a social innovation project based on knowledge and competence about how, among other things, to work with the individual´s motivation in the process of getting closer to the labour market.

The unique content and methodology of Klara Livet present a flexible program that is easy to adapt to the needs of the target group on an individual level. The concept is built on an extensive base of knowledge and competence when it comes to supporting the participants throughout their process of reaching the labour market.

Work practice

Work practice increases the possibility to get employment. If you wish, you can do the practice to get vocational guidance, practice and work experience or perhaps simply to maintain and strengthen your skills.

Good results

During the project period 2011-02-14 — 2012-12-14, 16 courses were carried out at four folk high-schools in the county of Blekinge. The number of participants during this period was 204, of which 86 women and 46 men were evaluated. Their average age was 42 years old (95% CI: 40-45). The participants´ experienced changes were measured through questionnaires at the end of the programme. The evaluations showed, according to the Wilcoxon signed-rank test, significant improvements in the categories; general health, mental health, self-esteem, self-confidence, sleeping habits, eating habits and the dealing of symptoms.

Follow-ups of the participants´ present occupations were done some months after the concluded activities. These results showed that 42 women and 16 men out of 204 participants were working, studying or had started/taken up dormant companies.


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