Workpackage 5

PHC as one pillar of regional development: Strategies to increase regional competetiveness

PHC availability influences regional competitiveness positively. The EU Green Paper on Territorial Cohesion recognizes that the access to quality health care also in rural and more remote regions is one of the core issues of territorial cohesion. Strong PHC is a core element in meeting community health care needs, preventing communicable infectious and non-infectious diseases and ensuring effective clinical management of health problems.

In addition PHC can be provided more cost-effectively in remote regions than other levels of health care. As a consequence better public health can be achieved at the same cost, or - alternatively - the same level of health can be obtained at lower costs.
It is the aim of this WP to elaborate, introduce and pilot mechanisms and strategies for the equitable distribution of high-quality pHC system by:

  • Involving othe community stakeholders than GPs in the health care
  • Testing and evaluating tools for staff recruitment and retention in rural and remote areas of target countries in order to facilitate the establishment of strong PHC services
  • Increasing the cooperation between cities and regions in the supply of health services
  • Improving collaboration between the PHC and public health sector.

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