Workpackage 4

Measures to enhance and harmonise professional development in PHC

Efficient health systems able to respond to current challenges - health promotion, prevention of communicable and non-communicable diseases and application of modern diagnostic and treatment methods, at the same time paying attention to cost effectiveness - depend on the availability of high-quality health workforces with appropriate skills.

A widely observed problem in this context is the maldistribution of staff between urban and rural areas within countries as well as the brain drain between countries in the BSR region. In line with the "EU Green Paper on the EU Workforce for Health", it is the aim of this WP to engage stakeholders in the debate so as to stimulate coordinated approaches.

More specifically the aim of this WP is two-fold.

  • In the first step coordinated approaches for the education of PHC professionals shall be enhanced in order to ensure the availability of enought qualified PHC staff.
  • In the second step such coordination of professional development, in conjuntion with other measures tested & implemented in the ImPrim project, shall facilitate the retention of high-quality PHC staff within all areas of each country and mitigate irrational brain drain between countries.

Special emphasis shall be put on the role of nurses within the PHC system.

Reports and presentations

Nurses´ workload Klaipeda Region, Lithuania 2011
By: Gintare Sirutyt, Jurate Beinoriene, Ingvar Ovhed

Training course as a tool to improve nurses´competence and strenghten their position - Maika Kummel and Paula Vainiomäki (PP3)

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