Workpackage 1

Project Management and Administration

The co-ordination of the project in all its elements (admin. finan.comm. and tech) will be ensured on behalf of the PPs by the LP in a Central Project Coordination Office (CEPCO). The costs for this will be shared between all PPs (for WP1&2, BL1&2). The LP will outsource part of the CEPCO tasks. The service providers will be selected on a competitive basis (tenders run by LP) before the projet start.

Based on a common understandning elaborated during preparation stage a partnership agreement will be signed at project start, which spells out the PP's obligations (activities, timeframe, reporting etc.) and financial commitments.

Activities implemented in parallell in the 7 countries are centrally coordinated by CEPCO, e.g. drawing up central ToR for PPs. Technical guidance is provided by the WP coordinators and the LP.

The monitoring & decision-making body of the project is the Project Steering Committee (PSC), where all partners are represented. Decisions shall be taken unanimously.

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