Final conference

Welcome to the ImPrim Closing Conference - Quality Health Services for all, November 28th-29th 2012 in Riga, Latvia.

This is the 6th Transnational Partner Meeting - and Final Conference. The ImPrim Closing Conference will be an important step towards on how to promote equal distribution of PHC services in a transnational perspective. The Latvian government engage for the participation of the highest level in DG SANCO.


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The ImPrim Project and Nordic Dimension Partnership
Helena Silfverhielm, Chair NDPHS

ImPrim interface
Ingvar Ovhed, MD PhD, BCC Sweden

Cost-effective Financial incentives
Aigars Miezitis, National Health Service of Latvia

Making links between EU finance projects - ImPrim and Managed Outcomes
Paul Forte, The Balance of Care Group

The ImPrim project in a nutshell and panel discussion

BSR Programme 2014-2020 and the EUSBSR Action Plan
Ulf Savbäck, Swedish Agency for Econimic and Regional Growth

Final overall reports Imprim

Remunerating PCH (WP3)
Instruments for improving the financial provisions for Primary Health Care

Professional development (WP4)
Measures to enhance and harmonize professional development and team work in PHC

Regional planning (WP5)
PHC as one pillar of regional development: Strategies to increase regional competitiveness

Final single reports Imprim

Incentive payments for high quality PHC performance
Report #1 (WP3)

Quality indicators for high quality PHC performance
Report #2 (WP3)

Pilot projects on quality indicators in Lithuania and Latvia
Report #3 (WP3)

Adjusted Clinical Groups (ACG) and co-morbidity

The Swedish Quality Registries and PHC

The clinical audit tool
Report #4 (WP4)

Strategy for continuous professional development
Report #5 (WP4)

Multi professional teamwork
Report #6 (WP4)

Changing Brain drain to Brain circulation
Report #7 (WP4)

School for tutors - Training the Trainers programme
Annex (WP4)

Strenghtening PHC in remote areas
Report #8 (WP5)

Counteracting bacterial resistance in the BSR
Report #9 (WP5)

Health Synergy
Report #10 (WP5)

Incorporating PHC into regional development plans
Report #11 (WP5)

Concise report on deliverables and reports ImPrim

Kortfattad översikt av resultatet och rapporter från ImPrim

Concise report on deliverables and reports ImPrim

Краткий обзор окончательных результатов и отчетов ImPrim

Sutrumpintas rezultatų ir ataskaitų aprašymas ImPrim

Lühike tulemuste ja aruannete loetelu ImPrim

Lyhyt katsaus hankkeen tuloksiin ja raportteihin ImPrim

Īss ziņojumu apskats ImPrim

Коратка аб выніках і справаздачы ImPrim

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