3rd Transnational Partner Meeting

The Third Transnational Partner Meeting was held in Turku, Finland, March 29-30, 2011.

The meeting was focused on the Project Progress Panel Sessions and group work. One of the primary aimes with the meeting was that every PP needed to describe their activities based on “Who does what in ImPrim".

One Steering Committee Meeting was held during the course of the two day event.


The Third Transnational Partner Meeting March, 29-30, 2011


The Third Transnational Partner Meeting March 29-30, 2011


Project Progress Panel Session
By PP in WP3, WP4 & WP5 (all PPs)

Elaboration of system evidence based quality indicators
By Arnoldas Jurgutis (PP14)

Payment scheme in the Republic of Belarus
by Tatyana Kalinina (PP12)

Budget adjustments
By Jens Wilkens & Lise Hallén (LP)

Strategy on the professional development of PHC in the BSR
By Arnoldas Jurgutis (PP14)

Strategies on Motivational Counselling
By Maika Kummel (PP3)

ImPrim and Russia & ImPrim and E-health
By Ingvar Ovhed (LP)

Unused Human Resourses in Estornia:doctors
By Margus Lember (PP8)

Unused Human Resources in Estonia: nurses
By Irma Nool (PP9)

Guidelines on the use of tools for quality improvement from a bootom-up perspective
By Christina Wieslander & Ingvar Ovhed (LP)

On the pilot project "Health Synergy" in Klaipeda
By Vytautas Jurkevenas (PP4)

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