Blekinge Centre of Competence takes over as Lead Partner for ImPrim

The Rostock Joint Technical Secretariat and Monitoring Committee has approved the ImPrim Lead Partner change from 1st January 2011. The new LP, Blekinge Centre of Competence (BCC) is taking over after the former LP organization, Swedish Committee for International Health Care Collaboration (SEEC).

Jens Wilkens and Wenche Stribolt from the SEEC have joined the BCC staff and continue working in the project. This ensures a smooth continuation of the administration of the ImPrim project.

ImPrim´s new administrative heart, the Central Project Coordinating Office (CEPCO), has the following members:

  • Project Director: Birgitta Billinger-Lundberg (Director of BCC)
  • Financial Manager: Lise Hallén
  • Communication Managers and Project Coordinators: Wenche Stribolt and Karin Chamoun

The members of the BCC staff are working for ImPrim part-time.

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