Background and Objectives of the ImPrim Project

The ImPrim project is one of the flagship projects included in the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region Action Plan. Originally initiated by the Primary Health Care Expert Group of the Northern Dimension Partnership in Public Health and Social Wellbeing (NDPHS), it is mainly sponsered by the EU Baltic Sea Region Programme.

The project is a three year collaboration involving 12 partners (comprising leading health care institutions) from Belarus, Estonia, Finland, Lativia, Lithuania and Sweden. Thanks to a grant from Sida's Baltic Sea Unit, Russian participation has also been made possible.

The overall objective is to improve public health (especially in the eastern part of the BSR). Within this wide field, the project will focus on the role of primary health care and its benefits for the public health system as well as the regional competitiveness.

The specific objective of the PHC project is to promote the equitable distribution of high quality primary health care services in the BSR in order to increase the cost-efficiency of the public health system and to efficiently counteract communicable diseases as well as health problems related to social factors.
More specifically, the project aims at making the following changes:

  • Improved prerequisites for lessening health problems related to social factors and communicable diseases in the eastern part of the BSR
  • Improved prerequisites for increasing financial and human resources for the provision of PHC services
  • Improved prerequisites for increasing the quality of PHC services
  • Decreased territorial disparities in the supply of PHC services

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